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Android VPN on demand

I can’t believe this feature is still missing. I really would switch to android smartphone, if they only would support VPN on demand. So please help and star this issue


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XenServer 6.2 and 3ware 9750 Raid Controller

I had some problems to install a XenServer 6.2 on my LSI 3ware 9750 Raid Controller, as there is no native support for the controller in the shipped kernel. Unfortunately my efforts (btw: thanks for stackoverflow –  i love it!) to solve the problem by my self got a little bit stucked, because of the complexity.

Afterwards I definitely should had contact LSI earlier, as they came up with the solution within 24 hours…

Additionaly it’s a good idea to have a look at the Hardware Compatibility List (for Storage Devices) of XenServer 😉

You find the driver download here

have fun! :)

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